PCMI Membership Benefits

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The benefit that members regularly report as the most significant reason for joining the PCMI is the networking among the members. Collectively the members have experience in all facets of PCM, have confronted all the problems and challenges the technology has presented and have learned the answers through experience. A collegial and collaborative relationship exists among the members – this despite the fact that they are competitors – that has enabled the dissemination of information in a cordial and professional manner. Over the years many of the members have become more than business acquaintances and enjoy genuine long-term friendships.

  • PCMI is dedicated to helping companies involved in photo chemical machining technology!
  • PCMI will help your business grow!
  • PCMI assists its members in staying current with technology developments!
  • PCMI publications report on process information, latest equipment technology, product applications, and other industry issues.
  • PCMI promotional materials provide members with the tools they need to teach customers and educators about pcm technology.
  • PCMI members include: contract manufacturers; suppliers of equipment, chemistry, metal and tooling; consultants; environmental advisors; and, university and college professors.
  • PCMI conducts short courses to train new employees.