CBF = Cheaper – Better – Faster

September 1999

CBF = Cheaper – Better – Faster …are the words that best describe the goal in production today. Customers demand the highest quality, want it just in time, and want it for less money. Unless we carefully evaluate each step in production along the lines of CBF, we may not be in business for long. Some of what it takes is discussed in this article.

Will this take a huge investment? lf that were the case, we had better quit wasting our time right here! NO! It will not! It may take an adjustment in thinking, however. Production equipment must pay for itself. If you are concerned about paying for basic tools, and consider the investment an expense, we live in different worlds. With a well-designed financing plan the savings will take care of the payments. But savings must be guaranteed! A well-organized PCM shop needs perfect, top to bottom registration and high resolution. Those two fac­tors will assure higher yield and quality. That covers the Beller of CBF. Cheaper and Faster go together – reduc­tion of shop time and reduction of waste without sacri­fice of quality. Time is Money!