Journal August 2023

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the PCMI Educational Webinar Series and Spring Technical Conference held in Birmingham, England, from May 13- 17, 2023.

Educational Webinar Series Presentation

Understanding Dry Film Resist Stripping in Photo Chemical Milling Process
Sean Hill | Product Manager | Eternal Technology Corporation | US

Spring 2023 Technical Conference Presentations

A Case Study on Etching Screens and Obtaining Uniform Diameters
Kirk Lauver | Marketing and Customer Lab Manager| Chemcut Corporation | US

Anodic Dissolution of Titanium in an Amide-Type Ionic Liquid Containing Chloride and Trichloride Ions
Thomas von Rickenbach | Surface Treatment Engineer | CMT Rickenbach SA | CH

Bespoke Lamination
Thomas Fetzel | Developer and Designer | Fetzel Maschinenbau GmbH | AT

CCI Eurolam – European Distribution Partner for the EMEA Electronics industry New Member Product and Service Showcase
Mark Gordon | Managing Director | CCI Eurolam | UK

Energy Consumption and Conservation Panel Discussion
Peter Jefferies | Manufacturing Technical Consultant | Parker Meggitt | UK
Kenneth H.C. Ng | General Manager | Tecford Etchem Limited | CN
Blake Parkinson | Director, Business Segment | Watlow | US

Group Discussion – Quality Assurance Inspections

Innovation with Academia as a Pathway to Growth
Matthew Murray | Account Manager | Tecan Ltd | UK

Latest Imaging Technologies and Trends in Photoplotting and Direct Imaging- Higher Quality Solutions for a Wide Range of Direct Imaging Applications 
Michel Van den Heuvel | Imaging Group Director | Ucamco N.V. | BE

Lessons Learned During a Factory Remodel
Blake Parkinson | Director, Business Segment | Watlow | US

Regenerating Ferric Chloride Etchants and Waste Disposal Survey Update
David Allen | Emeritus Professor of Microengineering  | Cranfield University | UK

Regeneration of Spent Ferric Chloride Etchant with Sodium Chlorate and Hydrochloric Acid: Theory and Practice
David Allen | Emeritus Professor of Microengineering | Cranfield University | UK

Solvent Extraction of Nickel and Chromium from Waste Ferric Chloride Etchant
Peter Jefferies | Manufacturing Technical Consultant | Parker Meggitt | UK

Specifying and Installing New Equipment
Steve Thomas | Managing Director | Technic Electric Limited | UK

Invitation and Information for Fall 2023 Technical Conference | Harrisburg, PA
Mike Soble | Technical Sales Manager | Chemcut Corporation | US

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