Journal December 2011

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the Fall International Conference held at the Omni Parker House, Boston, MA USA

A Better Understanding of Glass for Imaging
Thomas G. Kozinski, Consultant in Imaging Technology, US

The Use of Inkjet Printing Technology for Chemical Milling
Krishna Balantrapu, Senior Chemist, Dow Electronic Materials, US

Liquid Photo Resist and Dip Coating Equipment and New Laser
Diethard Kapp-­‐Schwoerer, Marketing and Sales Director, HTP Hitech Photopolymere AG, CH

Latest Developments in the Field of High Definition Precision Etching
Gerold Mueller-­‐Ensslin, CEO, GME-­‐Matusewicz GMBH, DE

3D Etching Process of the Hybrid Laminate of Metal Foils
Kenshi Numakura, Technical Adviser, Hirai Semitsu Kogyo & Corp.& Managing Director, Yosuke Kobayashi, Sales and Marketing Hirai Semitsu Kogyo Corp., JP

Portable Hand Held Microscopes
Mark Kanpurwala, Sales and Operations Manager, Aven Inc., US

Chemical Compliance for Restricted Substance
Joe Langton, Global Marketing and Business Development Director, Intertek Chemicals and Pharmaceutical, US

Vacuum Technologies Of Today – Energy Saving Alternatives
Jerry Maryles, Director of Sales and Marketing, Airtech Vacuum Inc., US

Automated Measuring and Inspection
Robert Ortiz, Senior Systems Specialist, Keyence Instant Measurement System, Keyence Corporation of America, US

Surface Finishes
George Schuetz, Director, Precision Gaging, Mahr Federal Inc., US

Laser Cutting for Entrenchment of Channels for New Processes in Machining
Mark Unrarth, Senior Systems Engineer, Electro Scientific Industries, US

Strip Processing and Capabilities for the Photo Etch Industry
Will Keenan, Director of Metallurgy, Andrew Mays, Product Manager Ultralite Foil,, Ulbrich Stainless Steel & Special Metal, US