Journal December 2016

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the Fall International Conference held at the Hotel Bethlehem – Bethlehem, PA, United States.

Regeneration in Theory and Practice – Part 1: Control Theory for Ferric Chloride Etchant Regeneration Methods
David Allen | Cranfield University | UK

Regeneration in Theory and Practice – Part 2:  Practical Implementation of Chlorine Regeneration ofSpent Ferric Chloride Etchant within Heatric
Peter Jefferies | Etching Operations Mgr. | Heatric | UK

Regeneration in Theory and Practice – Part 3:  – Practical Aspects of Installing pH Control for the Free Acid
Kirk Lauver | Marketing & Customer Lab Mgr. | Chemcut | US

Altix, the Expert in Photo Imaging Solutions
Sylvain Dromaint | General Manager | Altix North America | US

Precision Rolled Materials
Jack Ferrari | VP Sales & Marketing | Heyco Metals | US

Direct Digital Printing of Etch Resist
Henk Goossens | Marketing Manager & Business Development | Meyer Burger | ND

Overview of Resin Based Industrial 3D Printing Technologies and Applications
Ed Graham | Managing Engineer | ProtoCAM | US

Workforce Development at Precision Micro Ltd.
Marcus Heather | Business Director | Precision Micro | UK

Waste Water 101
David Joyce | Technical Service Rep. | Hubbard Hall | US

Dry Film Laminators
Jean Pierre Robic | President | Dynachem | IT

Fundamentals of Electroplating
Steve Rudy | Technical Sales | Hubbard Hall | US

Fundamentals of Vacuum Heat Treating
Tim Steber | Regional Sales Manager | Solar Atmospheres | US

Ink Jet Printing
Joost Anne Veerman | Head of Printing Process | MuTracx | NL

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of Photochemical Machining (PCM)
Group Discussion Moderated by David Allen | Cranfield University | UK






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