Journal September 2011

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the Spring International Conference at Cranfield University in England..

35 Years of PCM Research at Cranfield University
Professor David Allen, Cranfield University, UK

Ink Jet Printing of Resists: State of the Art
Dr. Steve Jones, Printed Electronics Ltd, UK

Patterning a PCM Photoresist by Laser Ablation
Diethard Kapp-Schwoerer, HTP, CH

Simple DOE
Dr. Georgi Pjuskjulev, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG

The Laser Materials Processing Landscape
Dr. Bill O’Neill, Institute for Manufacturing, UK

Photoetch Quality Stainless Steels
Dr. Peter Jefferies, Datum Alloys Ltd, UK

The Ten Most Important Lessons Learnt in Running A PCM Facility
Winfried Hormes, PCMI Senior Member, DE

Designing and Specifying Wet Processing Equipment
Lawson Lightfoot, RENA GmbH, DE