CM Training in the Industrial Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic

Mar 2008

PCM Training in the Industrial Centre, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Industrial Centre is a multi-disciplinary department. I myself look after five widely different manufacturing disciplines in a number of workshops, the main function of which is to provide industrial-style training for engineering under- graduates, covering a wide range of engineering prac- tices and process technologies. Photochemical machin- ing (PCM) is one of these technologies.

PCM has been my fascination for about thirteen years now, and I think I can claim some modest knowledge of the practicalities of setting up and operating a small-scale PCM facility. As a PCM practitioner I have done some interesting things and produced a number of interesting items over the years, some of which have become quite popular in Hong Kong. However, the Industrial Centre is not a commercial enterprise, nor is it an academic or research department of the university. Our function is to train.

H. M. Leung, Hong Kong Polytechnic University