Journal 2014 December

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the Fall International Conference held at the Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, California.

Advances in PCM?
David Allen |Cranfield University |UK

Industry Trends
Phil Greiner | Photofabrication Engineering, Inc. (PEI) | US

Efficient, Top Quality Etch Resist Printing for Photo Chemical Milling
Bert Kelley | Orbotech INC | US

ISO 9001 -> 9001 2015 | Changes, World Standard
Brian Dixon | Bureau Veritas Certification North America, Inc. | US

Metal and Stainless Steel Properties
Gene Sheldon | Zapp Precision Strip, Inc. | US

Laser Direct Image and Tools
Patrick Charest | Orbotech INC | US

Effective Social Media and International SEO Strategies for PCM
Rohan Verma | RK Global | US

Skills Development for a Growing PCM Business
Marcus Heather | Precision Micro | UK

Through Mask Electroetching Technology
Heather McCrabb | Faraday Technology, Inc., | US

Water Jet Cutting
Heimeran von Stauffenberg | Metaq Gmbh | DE