Journal December 2022

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the PCMI Education Webinar Series and Fall Technical Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona, US, from October 8 – 12, 2022.

Educational Webinar Series Presentation

Building, Improving, and Maintaining an Efficient Cleanroom Webinar
Roger Zaccour | Cleanroom Solutions Specialist | Stark Tech | US

Fall  2022 Technical Conference Presentations

Strengthening The Weakest Links In The PCM Process Chain:  #5 Metal Cleaning And Surface
Preparations Prior To Dry Film Photoresist  Lamination
David Allen | Emeritus Professor| Cranfield University | UK

Automation Strategy for Wet Processing Equipment
Mike Soble | Technical Sales Manager  |  Chemcut Corporation | US

Current Developments and Improvements Using Zapp MicroEtch and Zapp SuperEtch: A Case Study
Tobias Wiegandt | Technical Business Development Mgr. | Zapp Precision Metals GmbH | DE

Front End Processing – Pre-Cleaning
JP Ferguson | Account Manager East Coast International Elecronic Components (IEC) | US

Future of Silver Film – Moving Forward
Ralph Jacobo | AGFA Product Manage  | all4-PCB | US

Improving Dry Film Adhesion in the Photo Chemical Milling Process
Sean Hill | Product Manager | Eternal Technology Corporation | US

Improving Efficiency & Profitability Inside a Clean Room
Sylvain Dromaint | VP – General Manager | Altix North America, Inc. | US

New Member Product and Service Showcase
Hisashige Harashima | Sr. Sales & Marketing Mgr. | United Precision Technologies USA | US

Treatments of Waste Ferric Chloride Containing Dissolved Nickel and Chromium
Peter Jefferies | PCMI President | Technical Consultant | Parker Meggitt | UK and
David Allen | Emeritus Professor | Cranfield University | UK

Environmental Concerns and Trends
Panel Discussion SummaryDrying Small Parts | Group Discussion Summary

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