Journal Winter 2018

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the Fall 2018 International Conference held at the
Hilton Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach, CA, USA.

Right First Time” Photochemical Machining of Stainless Steels via Control of Ferric Chloride Chemistry
David Allen, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University

Ferric Chloride, Waste Treatment and Recycling
David Clark | Plant Manager | Phibro-Tech | US

UV LED Direct Imaging Dedicated To PCM
Sylvain Dromaint | General Manager | Altix North America | US

Dry Film Resist Control Topics in Photo Chemical Milling Processes
Sean Hill | Product Mgr.| Eternal Technology Corporation | US

Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing – An Overview of the Process, the Advantages and the Problems
Peter Jefferies | Innovation Technology Leader | Heatric, Division of Meggitt | UK

AS9100 and ISO Certification for the New Revisions: Best Practices for Implementing New Standards
David Johnson | VP and Chief Consultant | Expert Resource | US

High-Resolution Image Transfer for Photoengraving and Electroforming – The Continued Relevancy of Liquid Resist and Dip-Coating for State of the Art Photoengraving Techniques
Diethard Kapp-Schwoerer | Co-Founder, Marketing & Sales Director  |HTP HiTech Photopolymere AG | CH

Direct Imaging Technology For Photo Chemical Machining Industry
Najib Khan | Photo Imaging Product Manager | Technica | US

Social Media Marketing for the PCM Industry
Bernard May |CEO |National Positions | US

New Member Showcase  – Watlow, Powered by Possibility
Blake Parkinson | Engineering Team Leader | Watlow | US

Ferric Chloride, Waste Treatment and Recycling
Jeremy Rosenfeld | Regional Account Mgr. | U S Ecology | US
Lisa Alvarez | Technical Service Specialist | U S Ecology | US

Beryllium Copper and Other Copper Alloys for Electronic Applications
Anand V. Samant, Ph.D | Applications Director | Materion | US

The Effect of Metallurgical Features on the Etching Performance ofStainless Steels and Iron Nickel Alloys (practical examples from industry)
Thomas Wegler | Mgr. Dev. Precision Strip | Zapp Precision Metals GmbH | DE