Photo-Chemical Milling and Electro-Chemical Machining Applied to

Photo-Chemical Milling and Electro-Chemical Machining Applied to Embossing Roll

Winter 1983

Photo-chemical machining is one of the useful techniques for machining such parts as an embossing roll which has complicated raised patterns on its cylindrical surface. It is necessary to use different methods of exposure, developing, and etching in the photo-chemical milling of a cylindrical surface from that of a plane surface.

While the embossing rolls need to have a round edge of raised patterns, photo-chemical milling produces an undesirable sharp edge of raised patterns. In order to round the edge, therefore, it is necessary to apply an additional machining process.

In this experiment a method of forming a photoresist image on the cylindrical surface and etching conditions suitable for photo-chemical milling of the cylindrical surface were studied. Then, electro-chemical process was applied to photochemically milled parts in order to round off the edges of raised patterns and suitable machining conditions were studied for this electro-chemical machining.

Toshikazu Sato and Yoshimi Takahaski, Hokkaido University