Prediction of Slot Dimensions with Correlation Equations from De

June 2001

Prediction of Slot Dimensions with Correlation Equations from Design of Experiments

Z. Jeffrey Wang, Regina Spiehl, Leo B. Kirksunov, and Derek Harris, Buckbee-Mears Cortland

Design of experiments provides a new way to optimize technological processes. Today, more and more engineers and scientists use design of experiments in their work, such as formulation, process optimization. product design and quality control. There is a major difference between the traditional experiment planning and the method based on a design of experiments approach. The traditional method is to vary one variable at a time. An investigation based on design of experiments varies many variables at the same time using a matrix covering the desired variables and their ranges. As a result, many variables can be investigated simultaneously and interactions among variables can be obtained from the test. Methods using design of experiments make it possible to reduce the number oftests significantly, resulting in less test time and lower test costs.