Production of High Resolution Photoetched Stainless Steel Plaque

Production of High Resolution Photoetched Stainless Steel Plaques

Fall 1985

Dr. David Allen, D.F. Horne, and G.W.W. Stevens, Cranfield Institute of Technology


The present note describes problems occurring during the production of a small number of photoetched stainless steel plaques for the Golden Jubilee of the Kodak Ltd. Research Laboratories at Harrow. Problems arose both beacause the plaques were designed to be inspected with a x 5 hand magnifier and from limitations of available equipment for mass production. Nevertheless, the solutions adopted could be of help to others facing similar circumstances. The problems can be classified under three headings: Control of line width and dust shadows. Combination printing with acceptable register at the final image size. Minimizing blemishes arising from metal etching characteristics