Special Feature: PCM Process

July 1980

Hugh McCallion, Photofabrication (Svs.) Ltd.

The following photographic feature is a brief description of methods used in the photo chemical machining process.

Photofabrication is not merely a substitute for conventional methods of production such as fine blanking or presswork, but, in its own right, has many advantages to offer both the development and production engineer.

The production method involves no physical force being applied to the metal, this ensures that all components are burr-free, stress-free, and without distortion. Photofabrication is a photographic method of producing flat metal components offering the advantages of inexpensive tooling, short turn round time, and relative ease of modifying tooling, enabling the engineer to cut both time and costs significantly. By virtue of the low-priced tooling, quantity production can commence without the large capital tie up involved with press or fine blanking tools.