Spray Etching of Stainless Steel

Fall 1987

Spray Etching of Stainless Steel The following presents some new test result’s on the spray etching of precision piece-parts made from stainless steel. They are a result of extensive research work., which was carried out in the department of production engineering at the University of Bremen.

The optimal application of this modern metal removal process presupposes an extensive knowledge and control of the process, as well as its parameter!. Fig. 1 shows the complex network of dependent and independent parameter relationships. The etching rale has a significant effect on the accuracy of etch. This again depends stongly all the applied etchants and its actual condition. The etchant, presently aqueous ferric chloride, is not a constant parameter of the process. because it “dissipates” due to reaction with the material. The chemo-physical variables, such as concentration. pH. redox potential, surface tension and viscosity change if the etchant is not freshened up or regenerated permanently.