Journal 2014 Summer

This Journal contains the technical papers and presentations from the Spring International Conference held at Grand Hotel Les Endroits, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

PCM Sales and Marketing
Joe Beck | Capital Sourcing, LLC | US

PECM an Innovative Machining Process for Exotic-and Sheet Metals
Maarten Brussee | Pemtec | FR

Characterization of Mirco Arc Oxidation with Aluminum
P.-A. Gay | HE –ARC  | CH

High-End Spring Applications
Juerg Haefeli | Lamineries Matthey | CH
Mike Gedeon | Materion Performance Alloys | US

Inkjet for Chemical Milling
Kaii Keller SCHMID Group | SCHMID Technology GmbH| DE

CLR – LIGA: An Innovative Anti-counterfeiting Solution
Hubert Lorenz | Mimotec SA and Sigatec | SA

Production and R&D of Dry Film for Standard and Special Applications
Ilaria Pasquali | Elga Europe srl | IT

Monitoring and Data Management in PCM-Manufacturing
Martial Rey | CMT Rickenbach SA |CH

Wet Electrochemical Processes for Micro-Nano-Structuring
Monika Saumer | University of Applied Sciences | Kaiserslautern | DE

Laser Direct Imaging | An introduction at PCMI Conference
Richard Du | Aiscent Technologies, Inc. | CA

Meggitt New Product and Services Presentation
Peter Jefferies | Heatric a division of Meggitt (UK) Limited | UK

Viking New Product and Services Presentation
Marc Ladle | VikingTest Ltd. | UK