Today’s Nano-­‐Metal-­‐Etching Technology Subtractive-­‐Additive Techniques Supported by Electrolysis

September 2009

Gerold Mueller-Ensslin, General Manager of Technology, HMS Hollmuller Maschinenbau GmbH of Germany.

Nano- Metal- Etching and Depositing Applications as well as Combinations of both are found today more and more in Market Segments like:

  • Electronics and Semiconductors
  • Medical Aids Devices and Instruments
  • Watch Industry
  • Cameras and small Apparatus
  • Computers
  • Aircraft, Aero Space
  • Automotive etc.

Parts are often 1⁄2 mil lines and spaces technology. Dimensions are extremely small and allowed tolerances are down to a few microns. Processes are sheet by sheet or (in production volume) whenever possible: reel to reel.