Laser Cutting

PCMI is a unique organization. It is the only institute worldwide dedicated to helping companies involved in photo chemical machining technology.

PCMI membership includes the following benefits:


The benefit that members regularly report as the most significant reason for joining the PCMI is the networking among the members. Collectively the members have experience in all facets of PCM, have confronted all the problems and challenges the technology has presented and have learned the answers through experience. A collegial and collaborative relationship exists among the members – this despite the fact that they are competitors – that has enabled the dissemination of information in a cordial and professional manner. Over the years many of the members have become more than business acquaintances and enjoy genuine long-term friendships.

Membership Directory

PCMI publishes an annual Membership Directory electronically that contains member addresses and personnel contact information. Each listing contains links to websites and e-mails making it easy for members to contact colleagues in the industry.

Technical Journals

PCMI publishes technical journals twice per year that provide technical papers addressing aspects of PCM technology and market applications of the PCM process.

The Journals also include the conference presentations and cover a broad range of subjects from process control to the latest equipment technology to market applications of the PCM process.

Electronic copies of PCMI Journals and other PCM related information is available to members via the online library.

International Conferences & Training

The hallmark of PCMI is its technical conferences, held twice a year in the US, Europe and Asia. These three-day conferences provide presentations and technical papers, short courses, research results, discussion of industry trends and a tour of a PCM facility or other manufacturing operation.

The conferences also provide the opportunity for suppliers to give presentations on new products and other developments. Importantly, the conferences provide an opportunity to meet personally with members of the industry and develop meaningful personal relationships.

Technical Expertise

PCMI focuses on all aspects of PCM technology and works to expand the scope beyond that of the etching process to include electroforming laser cutting, plating, shaping, piercing, laminating, metals technology and such other activities that may involve or affect PCM. PCMI assists its members in staying current with technology developments, including:

Process Effects – reports on innovation in machinery and new processes to improve manufacturing techniques and new applications of the technology on materials, parts and products;

Environmental and Regulatory – tracks environmental, occupational safety and health regulatory trends and standards and means of implementation;

Quality Assurance – monitors methods, equipment and standards such as ISO for maintaining consistent quality output; and,

Photo Tooling – reports on technical developments in Photo Tooling from equipment manufacturers and service companies; the PCMI publishes the Photo Tool Design Guide.

PCM Promotion

To provide future engineers an introduction to PCM, the PCMI has created a package of PCM presentation materials for teachers of engineering and manufacturing technology and for PCMI members.

This information packet available to members includes:

  • A Power Point presentation prepared by Emeritus Professor David Allen designed for teachers to introduce PCM to engineering students;
  • An animated video providing an overview of the PCM process;
  • Sample etched parts representing a cross section of the wide range of parts that can be produced by PCM; and,
  • PCMI educational publications including: Photo Resists in Photo Chemical Machining Applications; Terms and Definitions in PCM; and, Choosing the Right Tool for the Job.

Regional Meetings

Local dinner and lunch meetings are held periodically at regional chapters in the US in New England and Southern California.

Professional Management

The PCMI maintains a central office and engages a professional association manager that coordinates the activities of the PCMI and is available to assist members personally with questions, referrals and requests for information.


For more information, contact our Executive Director, Catherine Flaherty by phone: (508) 385-0085 or email: