2020 Virtual Conference Session Spotlight

PCMI Session Spotlight

Emeritus Professor David Allen is spotlighted for his upcoming presentation on the “Manufacturing Bespoke Aesthetic and Functional Surfaces via Photochemical Machining, Electrolytic Photoetching and Electrolytic Photopolishing Techniques” at our Fall 2020 Virtual Technical Conference.

The Abstract

This presentation reviews an aspect of photoetching that is rarely discussed. There is an increasing need in manufacturing and micromachining applications to produce specific types of surfaces for either aesthetic or functional requirements including:

  • non-directional, light-scattering, matte surface finishes for visual contrast enhancements in a half-etch;
  • smooth surface finishes for optical reflection, laminar flow in microfluidic devices and particle filtration applications;
  • very rough textured surfaces for abrasive applications; and
  • textured surfaces to reduce friction and wear for tribological requirements

Examples of the above bespoke surfaces and their methods of fabrication using photochemical machining, electrolytic photoetching and electrolytic photopolishing will be discussed.

The Speaker

Emeritus Professor David Allen started his career as a chemist (BSc, 1968) and moved into photochemistry research (PhD, 1972) while studying at Cardiff University. Following post-doctoral research at Warwick University and imaging technology development in industry, David joined Cranfield University in 1976. He was appointed a Technical Liaison Member to the Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI) in 1981 and is currently on the Board of Directors of PCMI responsible for education.

David became Professor of Microengineering at Cranfield University in 1998 and was elected as a Fellow of The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) in 2006.

David has published:

  • Two PCM books: “The Principles and Practice of Photochemical Machining and Photoetching” (1986) and “Photochemical Machining and Photoelectroforming” (2015, reprinted 2016, 2017 and 2019);
  • Five book chapters on non-conventional machining and contributed the chapter on ‘Etching’ to the online CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering;
  • Seven confidential industrial PCM consortium reports;
  • 200 journal and conference papers and was awarded the higher doctoral degree of DSc from Cranfield University in 2013 for his thesis entitled “Contributions to Photochemical Machining and Photoelectroforming”.

David retired from academia in 2011 and he now carries out consultancy and staff training in PCM companies across the world. He has worked with 21 different companies over the past 8 years.

David will be speaking at the PCMI Fall 2020 Virtual Technical Conference in October. For more information, visit our Virtual Conference Platform.