Altix launches new Acura Premium Series contact printer range





March 16, 2021

Altix is pleased to announce the release of its new Acura Premium Series of contact printers for inner layer, outer layer and soldermask processes.

This new range replaces the previous line-up of Acura products. The Acura Premium Series enjoys enhanced reliability and productivity thanks to a new platform and a large number of incremental upgrades and client-focused innovations. Moreover, it integrates the latest high-performance LED light sources while keeping collimated light sources as an option.

Boasting double-sided simultaneous exposure capabilities with minimal footprint, the new range combines a wide-angle rocking upper-frame for easy cleaning and a dual screen display for optimized operator control.

Damien Boureau, R&D Director at Altix, confides: ‘After so many upgrades and major changes to the original Acura model, we felt it was the right time to streamline all of them in a new purpose-built design to better answer our customers’ requirements. We are confident that our partners in the PCB and PCM industries will be extremely satisfied.’

About Altix

Altix, a French company located in Val-De-Reuil, Normandy, has been manufacturing cutting edge exposure units since 1991. With more than 700 machines in service worldwide, the company is ​​establishing itself as a leader in image transfer machinery around the globe. Altix has subsidiaries in China and North America to ensure reliable and efficient customer support on all continents. For more information, visit

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