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Easton, PA (March, 2021) – Orbel is considered a leader in standard and custom Board Level Shielding.

Orbel is excited to announce the latest development in shielding technology, the Groove-LocTM EMI Shield!

The Groove-LocTM is a revolutionary way to prototype shielding for a printed circuit board. This two-partsystem consists of a bendable, formable fence strip and a locking cover. The fence can be shaped and trimmed to match most any rectangular footprint, and the locking cover can be ordered from Orbel’s catalog of pre-designed configurations or made-to-fit any custom footprint. The cover contains a groove along the inner walls that lock into dimples on the fence, creating a strong bond between the two components that is easily removable or replaceable. The quick assembly and strong bond make the Groove-LocTM the perfect solution for low to mid-volume production demands.

The Groove-LocTM is made with a highly solderable Nickel Silver Alloy, which allows for shielding from medium to high levels of electromagnetic interference. Other materials are available upon request. For more information visit Orbel’s website at orbel.com or contact their Sales department at sales@orbel.com.