PCM Educational Session for Students and Faculty Added for Fall Conference

The Fundamentals of Photochemical Machining PCM for Engineers and College and University Students

PCMI will conduct a class at the International Fall Conference designed for students and faculty. The session will include a presentation of The Fundamentals of Photochemical Machining (PCM) for Engineers and College and University Students PowerPoint.

The presentation will provide a complete overview of PCM manufacturing, plus outline the benefits of the process.

Students and their teachers will learn that PCM is used to fabricate a very wide range of products used in aerospace, automobile, electronic, mechanical, biomedical engineering and decorative applications. In addition, the PCM process is economically competitive in comparison with other manufacturing methods. It is more viable as a preferred manufacturing process than some of the more established processes such as wire EDM and laser.

Following the class, students and teachers will have an opportunity to interact with conference attendees from around the world. They will also receive PCM educational material and have a chance to view sample etched parts.

The class will be conducted by:

David Allen, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield University, and
Peter Jefferies, Innovation Technology Leader, Heatric, Division of Meggitt

If you are a student or a teacher interested in attending the class, please contact Cathy Flaherty at cflaherty@pcmi.org.