PCMI Educational Webinar Series Will Continue

Webinar Series 2021 2022

The PCMI Webinar Series, which started in April and will run through September, will continue this fall and into 2022.

Current sessions in development include:

Preventative Equipment Maintenance 
Speaker TBD, Chemcut Corporation

Exploring the Different Etchants Used in the PCM Industry- Best Practices = Pro and Cons – Safety Issues
David Allen, Emeritus Professor of Microengineering, Cranfield University, and
Peter Jefferies, Innovation Technology Leader Heatric, Division of Meggitt

Extraction of Nickel and Chrome from Ferric Chloride
David Allen, Emeritus Professor of Microengineering, Cranfield University

The PCMI Education Committee is currently working to confirm speakers and dates.  More details will be available soon!


The Committee designed the one-hour webinar programs to share information on crucial PCM processes. If you are interested in purchasing any of the past sessions, please contact Katie at katie@pcmi.org.