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The hallmark of PCMI is its technical conferences, held twice a year, generally in the United States and Europe. The conferences provide presentations and technical papers, research results, discussion of industry trends and a tour of a PCM facility or other manufacturing operation.

Conferences feature two days of PCM technical sessions, networking with colleagues, facility tours, and the opportunity to explore emerging technologies.

The conferences also provide the opportunity for suppliers to give presentations on new products and other developments. Importantly, the conferences provide an opportunity to meet personally with members of the industry and develop meaningful personal relationships.

Due to the ongoing COVID Pandemic, the dates for the Germany Conference have changed.

The current plan is to hold the Conference from October 23 – 27, 2021.

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The PCMI Education Committee is pleased to invite you to attend PCMI’s new Educational Webinar Series, to run from April through September. These one-hour programs are designed to share information on key PCM processes.

Attending the webinars will give you the chance to stay up-to-date on new industry developments, provide an opportunity to interact with colleagues from around the world, and give you on-demand access to the recordings after each session is presented live.

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April 15, 2021
The Chemistry and Control of Etching Ferrous Metals with Ferric Chloride Solutions
Presented by: David Allen, Emeritus Professor of Microengineering, Cranfield University, UK

May 26, 2021
An Overview of The Operation of Ferric Chloride Regeneration Systems in Photochemical Etching Machines
Presented by: Kirk Lauver, Marketing Specialist, Chemcut Corporation, US

June 30, 2021
New Innovations in Imaging | A Comparison of Conventional and New Light-SourceTechnologies
Presented by: Alexis Guilbert | Sales & Product Manager | Altix | FR

September 2, 2021
Pre-Treatment – Preparation of Metal Surface
Presented by: Sean Hill, Project Manager, Eternal Technology Corporation | US

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The A-Z of Photochemical Machining
Presented by David Allen, Emeritus Professor
Cranfield University

The PCMI employee development webinar gives PCM companies the educational tools needed to provided new workers with the knowledge necessary to perform effectively..

This short course has been specifically designed to educate employees with limited practical experience or theoretical knowledge of PCM. The course covers the basics of the PCM process through all its stages from “Design” to “Finished Product”.

The course covers both technical and economic aspects of PCM and the “buzz words” of PCM from A to Z in an informative but light-hearted approach, as the course is intended as an enjoyable experience in addition to being an educational exercise.

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