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15 New England Way

, Lincoln , RI , United States of America , 02865
(401) 333-9200(401) 333-9200
(401) 333-1634

ChemTec, the industrial division of the ChemArt Company, specializes in the manufacture of precision etched parts using the PCM process. For over four decades we have been at the forefront of innovation and design partnering with our clients to create a variety of products; step lids, lead frames, bus bars, timing discs, screens, surgical blades and many other precision components used in medical, aerospace, mechanical, electronic, energy, military, government and much more.

As a fully integrated company, combining multiple technologies under one roof, ChemTec offers unique advantages over the competition;

• Precision parts at a lower cost than laser or stamping.

• Quick turn-around times.

• Etching, plating, screen printing, forming, heat treating, drilling and more.

• A variety of metal choices and finishes.

• Fully integrated services, eliminating the need for costly secondary operations.

• Top notch service as well as engineering, design and production assistance.

• Exceptional quality with an ISO 9001:2008 certification.

• Ability to produce small sample runs to large production runs in our facility in Lincoln RI which spans more than 55,000 square feet.

• 100% Made in the USA Veteran Owned Small Business(VOSB)
Beacon Design, ChemArt’s decorative and retail division, specializes in creating beautifully handcrafted keepsakes used to raise funds, thank donors & employees, generate revenue, commemorate an event and much more. Visit our new website at for more information on creating your own custom keepsake.

Primary Contact: David Marquis (President)
Phone: (401) 333-9200
Contact: Larry Lefebvre (VP of Operations)
Phone: (401) 333-9200

Contact: Nick Jones (Industrial Manager)
Phone: (401) 333-9200