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Werksstraße 15

, Hattingen , Germany , D-45527
+49 2324 950224+49 2324 950224
+49 2324 950225
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Laser Cutting   Water Jet Cutting

The Company KSD InnovaAons GmbH Environmental and Process Engineering was founded in 1994 in Ennepetal.In the spring of 1996, we moved to the Technology Centre for Waste and recycling management Ha6ngen NRW.From here we look a?er our customers around the world.Due to our long experience, we are able to analyse the error in 95% of all system malfuncAons and torecAfy the malfuncAons by sending out corresponding spare parts and supports.Even difficult cases can be easily solved with the help of Skype and a webcam. Remote maintenance of thesystems is also possible. In this way, we work in a resource-saving way and reduce the operaDng costs for our customers.We supply systems for the regeneraAon of Etching- and pickling liquids with and without metal recovery:Increase in producAon through constant high etching and pickling speeds ProducAon quality. Improvements ReducAon of purchasing and disposal costs.Our systems meet the requirements of SecAon 7a of the Water recycling Management, this is a German industrial and environmental standard for since  25 years.For specific customer-etching-processes or etch-engineered new products, we develop etching/recycling processes and build specific etching systems for them. For Example: Laboratory etching machines for etching applicaDons products,mobile etching modules, etching machines with an etching width of up to 3 metres [3.3 yards] with high-pressure rinsing water systems, ect.

Primary Contact: Hans-Jurgen Schmitz (CEO)
Contact: Friederike Borbe
Contact: Stephan Horstmann (Administrator)