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CMT Rickenbach SA


CMT Rickenbach SA is a manufacturer of precision chemically milled metal components for any industrial and decorative application.

Viking Test


Viking - Quality Photofabrication equipment: Etchers, Strippers, Developers, Chem clean, Lamination and Exposure

Ätztechnik Herz GmbH & Co KG

Driven by the philosophy that innovative laser- and contour etching creates new and diverse possibilities, we have become the initiator and trendsetter in this production technique for a large number of companies in Europe.

Chemcut Corporation

Chemcut Corporation Logo

Chemcut Corporation manufactures wet processing equipment for the photo chemical milling and printed wiring board industries. Equipment is available for cleaning, developing, etching, resist stripping and drying.

HWA Baek Engineering Company, Ltd.

HWA Baek Engineering Company, Ltd. Logo

HWA Baek Engineering-an equipment, controllers and chemicals maker for wet process-developing, etching and stripping PCB and Lead Frames. Equipment of wet process for BGA, micro-BGA, micro-BGA, CSP, and L/F Flexible Circuits.

PCM Products, Inc.

PCM Products Logo

PCM Products etches all alloys of metals from .100" to .0001" thick and also ?parts as wide as 54" to hundreds of inches long.

Suron Precision Technology

Suron Precision Technology Logo

Surons experience and know-how in manufacturing and processing precision metal parts leverages a variety of cutting-edge technologies: photo chemical etching, laser-cutting and welding, micro-machining, photolithography, and more.

Tech-Etch, Inc.

Tech-Etch Logo

Registered to ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2004, Tech-Etch manufactures light gauge parts from .0005" and up in prototype to production quantities. Complete in-house operations include heat treating, laminating, forming, and plating.

United Western Enterprises

United Western Enterprises Logo

Certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR Registered,-Photochemical Etching thin metals to customer specifications. In-house forming, heat treating, laser welding and plating. Aluminum, copper, nickel, stainless, stainless steel alloys.

Welcome to the
Photo Chemical Machining Institute

The Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI) is a collaborative, not for profit organization for manufacturers, suppliers and customers of the photo chemical machining and electroforming industry.

PCMI provides up to date industry information, monitors industry developments, provides training and helps members and their customers address challenges that may affect the PCM process or the industry worldwide.

Services include:

Today PCMI has member companies in 20 countries across 6 continents.

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When I first purchased my PCM company, the only knowledge of chemical etching that I had was what I had learned from visiting my uncle’s circuit board company. I joined PCMI shortly after I purchased my company.


Over the years the PCMI technical sessions and the chance to learn and talk with other owners and suppliers at meetings has contributed to my company’s growth and profitability in an environmentally friendly manner.


The cost of PCMI membership has been well worth the money.

Jerry Williams, President

United Western Enterprises, Inc.
Camarillo, California, USA