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The Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI) is a collaborative, not for profit organization for manufacturers, suppliers and customers of the photochemical machining and electroforming industry.

PCMI represents a broad cross-section of all segments of the photochemical machining and electroforming industry’s technology. It includes companies that are manufacturers and companies that are users of photo chemically machined parts, as well as companies that supply raw materials, equipment and services used to produce its products.

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PCMI will hold its Spring International Technical Conference from May 12-16, 2018.  The Conference will be held at the Elite Grand Hotel in Gävle, Sweden,

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pcmi event

An events program that enables those interested in the PCM process to meet PCM specialists.

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The online library which gives members access to key information on technologies and processes, to help improve their products and services.

pcmi service directory

The online service directory which is an invaluable source of PCM specialists and suppliers to the PCM industry.