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PCMI represents a cross- section of all segments of the PCM industry.

The Photo Chemical Machining Institute (PCMI) is a collaborative, not for profit organization for manufacturers, suppliers and customers of the photochemical machining and electroforming industry.

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The pcm role in major industries:


Parts in the automotive industry encompass a vast array of components, from engine parts to electronics, that collectively ensure the functionality, safety, and performance of vehicles.


Precision-engineered components that play a critical role in the construction, maintenance, and safety of aircraft and spacecraft, adhering to stringent quality and reliability standards.


PCMI enables the production of intricate and precise components for defense and research applications, contributing to national security and technological advancement.


Provides a highly precise and versatile method for manufacturing intricate and custom medical device components, including implants, surgical tools, and microfluidic devices.


PCMI plays a vital role by crafting specialized components for renewable energy systems and power generation equipment. This technique facilitates the production of high-efficiency solar panels, wind turbine components, and intricate fuel cell parts, ensuring the seamless integration and optimal functioning of renewable energy technologies.


By selectively removing material from thin metal sheets using photoresist masks and chemical etchants, this technique enables the production of complex electronic parts, such as printed circuit boards and lead frames, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in electronic devices.

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“The PCMI has been the go-to organization in my business’ operating space, notably industry networking nad education has exponentially been improved.”

Neil Walker | Managing Director, Tecan

“PCMI Conferences and Membership offers the chance to learn and talk with other PCM company owners and suppliers. This networking has contributing directly to my firm’s growth and profitability in an environmeally friendly manner.

The cost of PCMI Membership has been well worth the money.”

Jerry Williams, President | United Western Enterprises, Inc.

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PCMI Membership has proven to be of great importance to the growth and development of my company.”

Paolo Iellici, Head of Sales | Lasertech Srl.