PCMI Committees

PCMI is your link to the PCM industry. You can get more from your investment in PCMI if you serve on a committee. PCMI is seeking volunteers to join current committee members in their work to expand and improve the Institute’s conferences, educational programs, and membership roster and technology services.

As a committee volunteer you help the Institute, make sure your company interests are heard and have more opportunities to network with your colleagues. PCMI board and committee members set policy, manage educational and technical initiatives, plan conferences, develop membership recruitment and retention campaigns and help evolve the Institute’s website.

You may volunteer to serve yourself or you can nominate someone else from your company to serve. Each committee determines how often they meet by conference call.

Board of Directors
  • Board members approve major policies, serve on committees, take on special assignments, and promote the institute to others in the PCM industry.
  • Board members are elected by the membership at the fall conference and serve two-year terms.
  • Board members meet at least twice each year before the start of the international bi-annual conference.  In between conferences, the Board meets via Zoom. Board members also help with PCMI recruitment and retention.

You can click here to view the PCMI Board of Directors members.

Conference Committees

PCMI conducts two international technical conferences each year. The PCMI Conference Committee:

  • Takes responsibility for developing the program agenda, the number and content of the technical sessions, and identifying potential speakers.
  • Plans pre- and post-conference programs, tours, and social activities.
  • Monitors existing PCMI conference policies and procedures.

Current Spring 2024 Conference Committee Members include:

  • David Allen, Cranfield University
  • Paul Campbell, Zapp Precision Metals GmbH
  • Steffen Herz, Atztechnik Herz GmbH
  • Peter Jefferies, Parker Meggitt
  • Eric Kemperman, Etchform B
  • Mercedes Runge, Procter & Gamble Service GmbH
  • Claudia Schemann, Metaq GmbH
Education Committee

The PCMI Education Committee is responsible for determining the membership’s educational needs and implementing programs to meet those specific needs.

The Education  Committee also contributes to the development of conference technical sessions.

The current members of the Education Committee include:

  • Chairman, David Allen, Cranfield University
  • Araz Barani,Zapp Precision Metals
  • Chris Bonsell, Tecomet
  • Bill Fox, Conard Corp.
  • Sam Helmer, Hi-Heat Industries, Inc.
  • Peter Jefferies, Parker Meggitt
  • Eric Kemperman, Etchform BV
  • Aurelia Montoya, Elcon Precision, LLC
  • Dylan Reitz, Chemcut Corporation
  • Jimmy Trost, Vaga Industries
Membership Committee

PCMI is committed to a strong and robust membership. The PCMI Membership Committee is continually working to grow the Institute. The Membership Committee:

  • Develops strategic plans for recruitment and retention.
  • Actively recruits new members.
  • Participates in the creation of membership promotion materials.
  • The current members of the Membership Committee include:
    Chairman, Jim Everson, PMA Industries
    Steffen Herz, Atztechnik Herz GmbH
    Eric Kemperman, Etchform BV
    Mike Soble, Chemcut Corporation
    Neil Walker, Tecan Ltd.


IT Committee
  • Recommends strategies for developing technology projects that can benefit the membership;
  • Evaluate the website and the Institute’s social media sites to ensure they enhance PCMI, can be used by members to network with colleagues, promote their business, learn about the industry, register for conferences, order technical documents, and obtain information that will help with their business development.

The current members of the IT Committee include:

  • Chairman, Peter Engel, Newcut by Fathom
  • Chris Bonsell, Tecomet
  • Sam Helmer, Hi-Heat Industries, Inc.
  • Peter Jefferies, Parker Meggitt
  • Eric Kemperman, Etchform BV
  • Jimmy Trost, Vaga Industries

Nominate someone or join a committee

PCMI Committees meet by video conference call. Each Committee determines the number and time for each call, but members should expect to participate in 4 or 5 calls each year.

The PCMI Management team coordinates the video conference calls.