Decorative & Precision-­‐Industrial Etching: the Commonalities and the Differences

March 2009

Richard Beaupre and Joseph Beck, ChemArt Company

Members of the PCMI all know the PCM process has adapted itself to many industries, from PCB to electronics to aerospace. The difficulties in securing new business in today’s marketplace ranges from overseas competition and downturns in the economy to the lack of basic understanding of the PCM technology. Decorative etched products have been around since the inception of PCM and have carved out a niche market. While most PCM companies focus on the precision component manufacturing, many of which have unique processes to meet rigid tolerances, the process for producing many types of decorative components vary widely. On the decorative side, The PCM process has been adapted to create jewelry, plaques, bookmarks, and signs, as well as a wide assortment of holiday ornaments and collectibles.