Waste Water Management and Treatment Today

As the representative of Guetling for the Dutch speaking part of this world, I have been given the honor to address this meeting. The title of this presentation in the agenda states “Waste Water Management and Treatment Today, but should be extended somewhat with “equipment to save water, raw materials and energy”. To run etching plants economically, the threatening shortage of raw materials and water means that more and more processes have to be applied, or integrated, to reduce the costs, meaning the use of practical ways to achieve a substantial reduction of the need for good water, raw materials and energy. The so called classical waste water treatment plants are needed to supplement the necessary reclamation installations, but should only be used to treat the final, inevitable, remainder. Large quantities of water and specific chemicals, as well as much energy are required for treatment processes. Water is, among other things, needed for makeup of process solutions and stripping solutions of the treated parts, prior to the next process step.


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