Methods for Waste Disposal at Teledyne Rodney Metals

Winter 1989

Methods for Waste Disposal at Teledyne Rodney Metals

Hazardous Waste – Today as you all know a good % of the material used in the process for most industries will be categorized as hazardous waste when we are through using it, therefore, every industry is faced with the same problem of proper treatment and disposal of material.

Fines – With Fines and Administrative Penalty such as the ones on Figure 1, companies should think twice of just dumpling their wastes in the back yard or down the sewer, Every means of disposal and treatment requires a permit or is regulated in some means by local or state agencies.

Management System – The management of the material becomes very critical to the future of the company, Cradle to Grave documentation and verification has become the most important part of this system.

Antonio M. Carreiro, Teledyne Rodney Metals