The PCM Roadmap and An Analysis of PCM Markets

September 2001

Professor David Allen, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, Cranfield University

In order to arrive at a technical symposium and give a presentation, one needs access to a roadmap in order to work out how to get from the starting point of travel to the city chosen as the symposium venue. At first, the study of a large-scale map giving general directions as to how to proceed to the city is especially beneficial. However, as the city outskirts are reached, it becomes necessary to peruse a more detailed street map to ensure arrival at the precise location of the symposium such as a hotel or conference centre. In other words, as the target is approached, one needs to examine it in finer detail in order to achieve the objective – the target bulls-eye. The question is “Can you take this approach with technology?” I hope to be able to show you that the answer is YES!