A Novel Photochemical Machining Process for MagnesiumAerospace and Biomedical Microengineering Applications



D M Allen, M Simpkins and H Almond

  A novel photochemical machining process for magnesium aerospace and biomedical microengineering applications   Research was carried out to evaluate the feasibility of fabricating perforated (filigree) magnesium microcomponents with metal wire widths of the order of the metal thickness using a photochemical machining (PCM) process. Experimentally, it has been demonstrated for the first time that metal wire widths of 0.15 mm can be achieved within a 2D, 0.25 mm thick magnesium foil to fabricate microcomponents for use as micro air vehicle (MAV) wings or stents through a bespoke PCM process. This etching process differs significantly from the industrial etching process used currently to manufacture magnesium letterpress printing plates and embossing dies.