Imaging With a Diamond Stylus for Etching of Stainless Steel Embossing Dies

The ability to reproduce fine line renderings of drawings reflects back to a form of Steel and Copper Plate Engraving such as Plate Printing techniques used by Artists and the production of American Currency in the form of Paper Money. This highly skilled technique uses a variety of stages to duplicate and transform the subject matter onto an Intaglio medium within a piece of metal. The surface penetration of the metal by a Diamond Stylus Point or a Fine Point Scribe in the “Z” Axis, that is, the straight down motion into the material which allows the etching chemistry to start its reaction downward and then to gradually spread sideward as the aspect ratio of etching continues. A normal photographed image transferred onto the substrate after development, exposes the entire surface to the chemistry. Thus the chemistry starts its etching process quickly in all directions.


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