Summary of Research of Dr. David Allen, Cranfield Institute of Technology

Cranfield Institute of Technology has several academic areas: School of Production Studies, Manufacturing Technology, Optical Technology, and Photofabrication. Dr. Allen’s activities commenced in January 1976 with emphasis on Research and Development, Education, and Consultancy, within the School of Production Studies. In 1976, research into metals and alloys capable of being etched in aqueous ferric chloride resulted in seven theses and eight papers. The research covered stainless steel, spring steel, mild steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. In 1976 the research emphasis was on photoreduction, etching of chrome films, and radial grating manufacture. This was the year in which the laboratory was completed. Anisotropic photo­etching of silicon was investigated in 1979, and the results produced two theses and four papers. Research into copper and nickel photoforming and other photo-resist applications was completed in 1980. Metallic Glasses (amorphous alloys), more specifically Vitrovac® and Metglas® , were studies in ’81 and difficult-to-etch metals and alloys, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium, tantalum, gold, platinum, and aerospace alloys, were researched in ’82. Dr. Allen’s current investigations are with plastics and photosensitive glasses. In 1984, Dr. Allen was recognized for his participation with the P.C.M.l. as the official representative from Cranfield. Cranfield Institute is a Technical Liaison Member to the Institute and was awarded an educational grant for post graduate work in the photochemical machining field.

The following is a much requested list of photochemical machining publications by Dr. David M. Allen.


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