The Development of a Molded Array SMCSP Package Using High-Density Type Lead Frame

There are increasingly more needs for RF devices having good heat dissipation and reliability at a reasonable cost, with fast growth in mobile applications. Accordingly, Samsung Techwin developed a new lead frame, Type SMCSP, as a cost-effective solution with high reliable integrity and enhanced performance. The lead frame for this SMCSP is designed to offer a high-density, molded array structure in saw singulation (separation) format. This lead frame is manufactured by fine half-etching and down-set technology using existing processes.

This package can be manufactured by conventional plastic package manufacturing processes with little modification; therefore, it is very cost-effective. Furthermore, the unique design of the SMCSP has a die-pad structure exposed on the top of the package by up-set technology. This structure can effectively lead to enhanced locking of the mold resin within the lead frame and, consequently, can improve package reliability. Also, during the molding process, the lead frame is in close contact with the bottom mold plate (by clamping the top exposed pad from the top mold plate), so mold flash is minimized. Therefore, there is no need for additional removal of mold flash such as that found in bottom die-exposed, QFN-type lead frames.


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